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 Formation Musicale

FM (Formation Musicale) is a course that lasts seven years in which the student discovers many aspects of the world of music:

  • On the physical movement and rhythmical angle: games on pulsation, sensation of the rhythmical square, awareness and memorization of rhythmical patterns.
  • On the vocal level: vocal ease, breathing related to musical sequences, achievements of movements with sounds, synchronization of voice, movement and musical shape.

FM class picture 1During the course of “Formation musicale”, the student will be able to follow a musical sequence and distinguish its form, the number of instruments, the type and style of the music…

On another hand, the student will directly apply his cumulated knowledge on an instrument and make the link with everything he learned so far, together with various instruments.

Finally, this course will give the student the space to improvise and create music with what he has learned, a universal musical language.

Difference between "Solfège" and "Formation musicale":

FM class picture 2 "Solfège" is a theoretical course of four years in which the student discovers the world of notated music. He learns to read a score, its rhythm and to sing correct pitches. These three axes are integrated within the “Formation musicale” but they are based on the listening of music in general.

By Lilian Alam

"Formation Musicale" Teachers:

  • Antoine Dib
  • Antoine Rayess
  • Camille Hanna
  • Christiane Assaf
  • Claude Mrad
  • Dima Fallah
  • Gilbert Rahbani
  • Lara Mlaeb
  • Liliane Alam
  • Micheline Abou Jaoude
  • Nada Chahine
  • Nidal Abou Samra
  • Rachelle Sweid
  • Rania Obeid
  • Roy Aboud
  • Svetlana Stepanian

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