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 Music technology

music technology

Music Technology

Brief Program Description of Music Technology Studies

Exploring the necessary Hardware and software components needed for desktop studio.

  • Synthesizer and Software Synthesizers
  • Sampler and Software Samplers
  • MIDI (Musical instrument Digital Interface)
  • Sequencing Technique in details (practice on major software sequencers)
  • VSTi: virtual studio technology instruments and plug-ins
  • Working with Digital Audio, Mixing and Microphone Technique
  • Orchestrating with electronic music instruments andArranging techniques
  • Composing for MIDI Instruments
  • Translating music ideas into sound
  • Recording with musicians and acoustic instruments
  • Making your own CD
  • Music for film and television

Music Notation

  • Learning in details all about the professional notation programs such as Finale and Sibelius
  • Sampler and Software Samplers
  • Writing for Solo Instruments, Duet, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, chamber music, Piano, Vocal and Choir, Concertos and full Symphony Orchestra
  • Orchestral scores and extracting parts
  • Modern Notation
  • Adding text in multi language format
  • Printing formats (laser printers and resolution in dpi, Paper size and Quality. PDF files)
  • Scanning sheet music
  • Exporting the score to wave file and music CDs


Basic knowledge in music theory, solfeggio and instrument.

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