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Monday 17th - 06 - 2024

 Communicational Aspects of the Symphonic Music of Carl Nielsen


In this lecture conductor Peter Ettrup Larsen takes you on an exciting journey into the fascinating musical world of Danish national composer Carl Nielsen.

In his second symphony The Four Temperaments alone Carl Nielsen vividly describes four different personality types which we may all still recognize in our everyday lives.

During this lecture it will become clear:

  • how human behavior and musical performing go hand in hand
  • how the music of Carl Nielsen is highly relevant - even today
  • how fascinating Danish music actually is!

It will also become clear how the conductor in “The Vibrant Now” serves as the advocate of the composer, and how shared music making is one of the best ways to build bridges between people.

Conductor Peter Ettrup Larsen has an international conducting career which this past year alone has brought him to four different continents. He graduated in conducting from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, holds a diploma in clarinet playing from The Royal Danish Academy of music in Copenhagen, Denmark and has a master’s degree in musicology and rhetoric from The University of Copenhagen. In 2015 he got his doctorate from The Sibelius Academy on the symphonic music of Carl Nielsen. Besides conducting himself, dr. Larsen also has extensive experience as a conducting educator, having taught at such esteemed institutions as The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland and The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark to mention but a few.

Tuesday November 26th, 16:30 - 18:30, Sin El Fil Branch

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